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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2010|05:34 pm]
call me Coco
[Tags|, ]

if the new technology creates a new behaviour, it's because it was allowing motivations that were previously locked out. These tools we now have allow for new behaviours – but they don't cause them.


It always irks me when ppl blame technology for whatever problem the youth these days have. What ppl like that fail to recognize is that technology is a tool. nothing more, nothing less.
While technology does enable us to do things that we wouldn't have been able to do otherwise, the desire to do these things has been within ourselves always. The technology is not the cause.

and this:
The whole, 'Is the internet a good thing or a bad thing'? We're done with that. It's just a thing. How to maximise its civic value, its public good – that's the really big challenge.

I think I'm gonna check out this guy's book.
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Wham Bam :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD [Jun. 20th, 2010|02:01 am]
call me Coco

they played goldfrapp's ooh la la, a song i didn't recognize, and a remix version of fye just b4 adam's set.

let's see if i can rmb the setlistCollapse )

also, i have THE worst timing for the washroom break. when i decided to hold it, i missed adam doing interviews and signing autographs. and when i decided to go just b4 adam's set, i missed allison's performance :x
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AI9 Top 8 - The Beatles week [Apr. 6th, 2010|10:48 pm]
call me Coco
i'm liking Katie's and Casey's performance the most tonight lol fml

crystal's come together was not good. she seemed distracted by the guitar or something. she missed the mic a couple times and the arrangement was just not working for me (for you for me).

siobhan's voice was not very expressive on across the universe.

liked part of andrew's performance that didn't have the whole band came in

big mike was so dramatic. i feel like it could be on an action movie soundtrack

lee was pretending to be a rock star and it didn't work

i missed aaron. oh well.

and adam is mentoring next week. it should be fun at least XD
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2010|09:14 am]
call me Coco

Tribute bands have been building for years. Now’s the time to elevate the concept into the equivalent of a Broadway show.
Let’s just canonize the music of yore and get it repeated endlessly. Shit, sell it as a series. There’s no hype, no smoke and mirrors, it’s not the original band, it’s an experience, that mimics the original, that reminds you if you were there and clues you in if you were not.
Doesn’t matter if the originals are still alive. Do they use the original performers when they restage a play on Broadway? No, they use younger performers.

It’s the material, stupid.


interesting idea. probably will sell tickets. but i'm not convinced that it's really all about the material. for ppl going to the Broadway shows, they understand that they are watching a bunch of actors. doesn't matter how good the acting is, except for the children, the ppl in the audience think of the ppl on stage as characters/performers.
But w/ music concert, no matter how theatrical the act is, there is always the assumption w/in the audience's mind that the person on stage is "real". that person may be a heightened and enhanced version of the artist, but it's still the real artist performing as themselves. plenty of musicians who are more deliberate in their performances had been called 'inauthentic'. and it generally means that you cannot separate the material from the artist and still have ppl BELIEVE.
the tickets will still sell if the show's good enough, but don't expect ppl bragging about going, b/c it's just rly lame.
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"that means you love each other" [Mar. 11th, 2010|02:49 am]
call me Coco
[Current Mood |touchedtouched]

This is the conclusion the kid came to when he heard that the two men are husband & husband. Adults should be able to reach the same conclusion just as fast. It really isn't all that complicated.
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JFC [Feb. 28th, 2010|08:56 pm]
call me Coco


dead. i'm fucking dead. what is this...i don't even know
i need to see him live jfc.

and they appearantly played voodoo and can't let you go b4 the show. but i can't hear clearly in the recording.
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AI9 Top 24 [Feb. 25th, 2010|01:25 am]
call me Coco
BOYSCollapse )

GIRLSCollapse )
still, watch posts on _ai are fun. still want to follow idolatry. will continue to watch. but damn, there's usually at least one amazing performance at this stage. weak, s9, weak
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Technobabble [Jan. 28th, 2010|08:34 pm]
call me Coco
mini-iPad rant:
first of all, "iPad", really? iPad? obviously they need someone w/ a vagina on their team.
srsly though, this thing just has way too much overlap with existing devices: it's basically an ipod touch w/ a larger screen. honestly, only ppl w/ no smart-phone, no ipod touch and no netbook can possibly find this thing useful.

and this headline filled me with disdain:

Microsoft reports $6.66b Q1 net profit, Windows 7 'fastest selling OS in history'

Of course it is, because Vista is the suckiest OS in history and ppl couldn't get rid of it fast enough.
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WWFM video leaked! [Jan. 14th, 2010|11:05 pm]
call me Coco

Very nice.
And the last shot just about killed me w/ the pretty ♥_♥
But I still wish that the 'camera' (representing the lover) was made more explicitly male :/
I had this vivid fantasy of the ending where the lover gives Adam a hug and is shown to be unmistakably male when clips 1st leaked. So when I saw the actual ending I was both like "no pretty boy love interest -_-" and "omg pretty Adam ♥_♥"

so yeah
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Gridlock NYE [Jan. 1st, 2010|10:24 pm]
call me Coco

I'm in LOVE *^_^*
like seriously, the guitar solo was fucking INSANE
Monte ILU <3

And the runs near the end. OMFG I have no word XD
LOVE the change he made to the melody of the "running into walls that I can't break down" part <3


I'm watching the youtube in performance order right now. So there's still Fever & Down the Rabbit Hole to go :D

Nothing before Sleepwalker really grabbed me, but this is killer XD
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